The Purton Way

22nd January 2015

Long term friend of Farmdrop, trusted advisor and top farmer, Rowie from Purton House has been with us from the very beginning. Jaks and Mark got back from a very enjoyable trip there last week, and learnt even more about what a wonderful place it is.

A family-run mixed organic farm of 60 hectares, they have been growing delicious vegetables and producing rare breed pork, beef from a herd of sussex cattle and eggs since the last century.

Nearly 20 years ago, while farmers were being pushed towards more intensive systems, Rowie decided to turn organic to fit with her true love for tasty and healthy food.

All activities on the farm respect nature, wildlife, and encourage biodiversity – both plants and animals (even crawly ones!). They work with nature. To control weeds and prevent disease build-up in the soil, they use crop rotations (plant the same crop families in different places each year); which means the potatoes see a lot of the farm as they don’t occupy the same plot of land for at least 6 years. Fertility to the soil is provided by using green manures: nitrogen-fixing leguminous plants such as clovers that take nitrogen out of the air and fix it into the soil, without the need for artificial fertilisers. Plus with all the animals around, there is always lots of manure to use up!

Everything about the way Rowie runs her farm is natural, healthy and sustainable. It’s no wonder she’s a Soil Association gold award winner.

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