The truth about new season lamb

24th March 2016

Did you know that ‘new season’ lamb is a little bit of a misnomer? Here’s to no more pulling the wool over your eyes at Easter.


Easter time is a little early for spring lamb to be its best. A few months later into summer leaves time for the lambs to graze the luscious grasses growing in spring sunshine and grow a little stronger and larger outside in warmer weather.

Some farmers decide to sell the meat of younger lambs born in late autumn for new season lamb to be ready for the spring. This allows them to have a supply of lamb to sell earlier in the year and provides additional income if supply of their lamb born in the spring is tight. These lambs will have had less time to graze as there’s less grass in the fields in winter and also, because they’re younger, they have a milder flavour and paler meat colour too.

But the British breed of Romney lambs lovingly reared by farmer Andy Clarke at Park Farm sold at Farmdrop in the Spring were born last year around or just after Easter time – resulting in a fuller, deeper flavour as the lambs are coming up to a year old.

So, when you see snaps of happy lambs jumping around the fields in the spring sun, it’ll be a few months yet for these to reach our shop (and your table for Sunday lunch!).

Find out more about farmer Andy Clarke at Park Farm his profile and video.

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