Top tips for hosting a seasonal supperclub

25th June 2015

Are you intrigued by the concept of being a domestic goddess – or indeed, god – but haven’t quite had the chance to brush up on your hosting skills?

Following our recent (and first) series of four supper clubs held at our pick-up points, here are a few tips inspire you to show off your seasonal goodies over dinner with friends, and even host your own supperclub.

If you’d like to host your own Farmdrop supperclub, we can help you with menu planning, sourcing great ingredients and working with producers to be involved too. We’re on hand to help you host!


Diners at our ‘First of the Season Feast’ at The Clissold Arms on 17 June

Keep it simple
There’s nothing worse than crying over spilt milk meant for a custard you were infusing with fir pines…The philosophy behind our suppers was completely driven by a celebration of simple, seasonal dishes that let the ingredients speak for themselves. Be creative, but don’t overthink your menu. It’ll just confuse you when cooking, and your guests when they hear crying coming from the kitchen!

Have a theme (even if it’s a loose one)
We wanted to create a relaxed and merry atmosphere whilst sharing a little knowledge on the importance of eating seasonally and supporting local producers. Good times and good simple seasonal food was our theme and yours can be anything you want. It doesn’t need to be an off-the-wall idea, just think of a theme true to your interests, roll with it and make it your own.

Enjoy time with your guests
Once you’ve prepped your dishes and set the table – place names are a good idea if a few people don’t know each other – don’t panic once your guests arrive. Hosting is just as important as cooking so plan you dishes in advance, get a mate to help you, and make time to mingle. We certainly enjoyed getting to know you, with a few of your local producers too, over dinner and drinks.

Inspire with a little entertainment
We’ve all seen those scenes on Come Dine with Me when a topless flamenco dancer lunges at unsuspecting guests and beads of sweat land in their sorbet. When it comes to showing your guests you know how to have a good time, less is more. Have a mutual friend who’s a poet? Invite them to say a few words. We went with an old fashioned pub quiz with a quirky veg twist (below).


Be open to feedback (and praise)
By inviting people over for dinner, you are putting yourself out there a little. We felt the heat not knowing what to expect after our first supperclub at The Chequers in Walthamstow (our very first pick-up point), but hearing one guest say they felt so inspired by meeting the people who’d contributed to the meal that they may never go to the supermarket again, was one of the best things. Also farmer Andy from Park Farm driving down Walthamstow High Street in his land rover was a sight!

Do it again!
Eat, sleep, cook, repeat! Hopefully you’ll have caught the supperclub bug the moment your see your last guest to the door, but if that doesn’t happen, remember the laughs that went down, the anecdotes you shared and the new friends you made. Then open your diary and book another date to try it again.

Take the pain out of ticket booking
If you’re serious about being a supperclub host with paying guests, you could use an online ticketing platform such as Grub Club, the pop-up dining people, who make it easy and connect you with like-minded folk looking for a unique dining experience.

Our last supperclub of summer took place at The Clissold Arms (thanks landlord George, Tara from The Flour Station and Farmer Clarke who made the journey from Kent) last week. These were run in conjunction with Grub Club and we’ve got plans to do more. Keep in the loop by signing up to our newsletter (at the bottom of our website) and checking out our Grub Club profile page – and if you came along to any of our suppers, we’d be much obliged if you could leave us a review – thank you!

Farmdrop held ‘First of the Season Feast’ supperclubs at four pick-up point venues where you can collect your shop. A huge thank you goes to everyone at The Chequers in Walthamstow, The Effra in Brixton, The Rye in Peckham and The Clissold Arms in Muswell Hill – as well as our many local producers who contributed to the suppers and said a few words too. See what happened on our hashtag #FarmdropFeast

Fancy holding your own Farmdrop supperclub? Just get in touch with us on [email protected]

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