UK farming, way back when #tbt

28th November 2013

Throwback Thursday is getting an agricultural spin at FarmDrop.

Welcome to our new Way Back When feature. Simply put, farming and agriculture are the backbone of the UK and so each Thursday we’ll be championing farmers and food producers of old up and down the country.

To kick things off, we’re heading to London in the 1930s.

August 1931:  Pigs crossing Camden Road, London

A drove of pigs crossing the road would not be an unusual sight in the 1930s. These animals are crossing Camden Road in north London, most likely heading towards Caledonian Market on North Road. On the site of the former Metropolitan Cattle Market (which at its peak say 15,000 animals traded per day), the Caledonian Market was one of the largest a bric-a-brac market markets in London, finally closing in 1963.

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