How To Use Up Leftover Easter Eggs

18th April 2019

Do your kids get given a gazillion Easter eggs each year? Melting down your family’s chocolate stash can lead to a multitude of glorious puds and treats. Here are a bunch of big and little kid-friendly ideas for using up leftover chocolate that’ll help you avoid wasting your glut this Easter.

Leftover chocolate Easter eggs recipes

Surrounded by a mass of half-eaten chocolate Easter eggs? It’s time to get melting. Photography: Natalé Towell.

First things, first: let’s get melty.

How to melt Easter egg chocolate

Smash the eggs into roughly evenly sized pieces and place them in a heatproof bowl over a pan of simmering water.

Make sure the bowl isn’t touching the water. Any steam that escapes and might drip back in and seize your mixture, leaving you with a lumpy mess.

Also take care that the water isn’t too hot. Chocolate melts at body temperature so you only need a gentle heat for it to melt.

Stir occasionally to avoid any spots of uneven heat that might also make it lumpy as the fat separates from the cocoa mass.

Quick ideas for melted leftover Easter eggs

Leftover chocolate dipped fruit

Photography: Brenda Godinez.

Try pouring this liquid goodness over ice cream, or use as a chocolate fondue to dip in pieces of fruit and nuts.

Dip cookies into the chocolate and leave them to set in the fridge or go one step further – make a hot cross bun ice cream sandwich dipped in melted easter egg.

Whizz up melted chocolate with milk and ice for an Easter egg milkshake, or melt it down with cream and marshmallows for a decadent hot chocolate.

How to use melted Easter egg chocolate in recipes

Weigh out the amount you need from your leftover chocolate eggs before melting if you want to include the chocolate in recipes.

Fruit and nut treats

leftover Easter egg chocolate

Got a load of leftover Easter egg chocolate? Whip up a batch of fruit and nut treats. Photography: Natalé Towell.

A handy on the go snack to make with the kids are these fruit and nut treats. They’re so simple and fun to make, with no oven time required. The little ones will love getting stuck in with their hands, whilst the added fruit, seeds and nuts will make you all feel a little less guilty.

Watch the video to see how easy they are to make:


Hot chocolate puds

chocolate pudding recipe

Melt down leftover eggs into sumptuous and simple hot chocolate pots. Photography: Natalé Towell.

Who doesn’t like a classic chocolate pudding? These hot choc puds only have a handful of ingredients and are clever way to use up leftover chocolate Easter eggs. Simply replace the dark chocolate in the recipe to make a delicious pud for all the family. The gooey centre makes them pretty irresistible.

Brownies, cake and cookies

Throw the broken bits of leftover Easter eggs into spelt cookies. Photography: Natalé Towell.

Use the melted chocolate to add to brownies or try this joyfully nostalgic chocolate cake recipe with easter eggs melted down in the icing. Don’t forget too that you can use smaller eggs for decoration or chop them up to mix into cookie batter.

Cheesecake with a twist

If you want to keep your Easter eggs intact, try carefully filling each half with cheesecake mix and leaving to set in the fridge for an impressive way to use up leftover chocolate.

Whatever you choose to do, you can be certain it’ll be delicious.

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