Welcome in Winter with FarmDrop’s New Producers

3rd November 2014

The clocks have gone back, but FarmDrop is moving forwards.

Brighten up the darker evenings as we welcome a whole host of new producers and a wider range of food to FarmDrop.

As if gaining a whole extra hour wasn’t enough, you’ve gained access to even more delicious local, seasonal food, directly from the people who grow it, make it and bake it.

And to keep up with the time change, we’ve extended collection hours across our London Drops too. The collection window in London this week (Wednesday 5th November) will be 4pm-8pm.

That’s a lot of local food for Crouch End, Muswell Hill, Highgate and Walthamstow.

So what’s new in the shop?

We’re delighted to have a carefully-curated range of cured meats from Moons Green and Native Breeds, two of the UK’s best and most celebrated producers.

Wild Country Organics have recently won the Soil Association’s Fresh Produce Food Award for their incredible range of salads and organic veg – their winter leaves and seasonal specials are not to be missed.

Wondering what you get when you cross muesli and granola? Make breakfast brighter with Mini Magoo’s award-winning organic cereals, including toasty, flavourful granuesli.

Casa Grande’s beautiful hand-crafted pasta comes in a range of flavours – including bright beetroot and some truly special spinach varieties.

Beatbush Farm specialise in Romney lamb and Aberdeen Angus breeds, and work closely with the RSPB to create wetland nature reserves for native and rare birdlife.

Hungry? You should be!

We’re writing up some really detailed profiles for all FarmDrop producers at the moment, so you’ll soon be able to learn even more about the faces behind our food.

For now, join in on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to let us know what you’ve been buying, cooking and eating – and if you need some inspiration, we’ve been busy collecting recipes on Pinterest to.

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