Welcome to Jamie & Jimmy’s Feasters

9th January 2015


Hello Feasters and thanks for taking a closer look,

Farmdrop’s first two areas are in North and South-East London, and we are busy working with small producers and farmers to supply a large group of people who want to eat differently and better!

To find out all about Farmdrop’s approach you can find out more here. We have had a little shake up since the programme was recorded, but the challenge and main approach remains the same. We’ve just made it easier for everyone.

If you think that your area could do with it’s own hub, bringing in the best of what your local farms and food producers have then please let us know. You can also leave us your details (in the footer) and we’ll tell you when we’re up and running near you.

Obviously, one thing we really love here at Farmdrop are the short seasons that make something so very special. And pullet’s eggs are a great one, sweet looking and tasting. We have Rowie from Purton House with some pullets on the shop at the moment. And Susie (from Mac’s farm), who Ben was on the show with, is going to be supplying us in a couple of weeks time. They might even have a batch of double yolkers.

Avoiding any eggs puns…

Lots of love from The FarmDrop team

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