What’s In Season This Spring?

24th April 2019

With the hungry gap finally coming to an end, lots of new produce is springing up for us to make the most of. Deliciously delicate Norfolk asparagus, outdoor rhubarb and nutty Jersey Royal potatoes for starters… here’s a round up of the best seasonal spring food to enjoy in the coming months.

Jersey Royals

jersey boiled potatoes

These early variety new potatoes have a nutty, earthy flavour. Grown in Jersey for over 130 years, there are 20 small farmers on the island who grow and harvest these prized potatoes by hand. Boil them until tender, then toss with butter and chopped herbs, like dill or parsley to really make the most of them. Alternatively, turn them into this super seasonal frittata paired with wild garlic and asparagus. Yes!


english asparagus

The English season for asparagus is late this year due to a late frost. And while the season for these delicate, buttery spears is short, it’s so worth the wait. Farmdrop’s asparagus come from Tim & Will Jolly in Norfolk who’ve been growing them for nearly 30 years. Enjoy simply as part of a springtime feast, flash-grilled on the BBQ or blanched in boiling water, and drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and sea salt.

Lamb (or should we say, hogget?)

At this time of year, truly local, grass-fed lambs are actually ‘hoggets’, born last spring and reared outdoors all year for tasty, tender meat. True spring lamb is actually a myth and is most often imported from New Zealand! Roast up a joint for Sunday lunch or see our lamb cuts guide for more ideas.

Kid goat


For a springtime alternative to your usual lamb roast, feed a crowd with incredibly tender free-range kid goat. Just Kidding is headed up by Lizzie Dyer; a farmer on a mission to make goat more sustainable. Just Kidding is the UK’s first outdoor-reared commercial billy farm, taking otherwise wasted male kids from the dairy industry and raising them for meat. Slow-roast a shoulder joint and serve up with Dauphinoise potatoes or a white bean gratin for a springtime feast, or serve simply with wild garlic sauce and new-season Jersey Royals.


outdoor rhubarb season

Not to be confused with the electric-pink forced rhubarb that comes into season around January, the darker and hardier field-grown rhubarb is now starting to appear on grocery stalls. Rhubarb stands out in the fruit world for its sharp flavour that, when cooked with sugar, is a deliciously tangy, sweet addition to crumble.

Make a rhubarb compote to eat with porridge, yoghurt or on pancakes. Slice into finger-length pieces and roast in the oven with orange zest and juice and sugar until tender, sweet and delicious. Or turn it into this childhood classic recipe, rhubarb and custard.

Wild garlic

wild garlic salsa verde

Distinctive, amazing wild garlic has been sprouting abundantly in wooded areas all over the UK since mid-March. Forager has been busy picking these pungent leaves out in Kent. Make the most of it this season by blending it into a green sauce to eat with BBQ meats or baked fish. Here are more ways to cook with wild garlic.



Sustainably caught in pots off England’s southeast coast, Sole of Discretion’s cuttlefish will be coming into season soon. It’s delicious scored, marinated and flash-fried in a smoking hot pan. Serve simply with a squeeze of lemon juice and sea salt. Look out for monkfish and turbot, too.

For seasonal spring produce from local growers, foragers, farmers and fishermen delivered direct to your door, head to

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