Support chicken freedom through the medium of origami

13th September 2017

Fancy your hand at creating an origami chicken masterpiece? Take the challenge and show your support for improving the conditions of intensively farmed real life chickens.

origami chicken


Supermarkets have the chicken business down. 94% of the 2.2m chickens consumed daily in the UK are afforded just an A4-sized space per bird in mega- sheds.

Supermarkets are fine with this as it means chickens move less, eat more and grow faster. We’re very unfine with it. We think chicken farmed with space, time and dare we say it, love, is easier on the conscience and tastier on the plate.  At Farmdrop we only sell chicken that has had a much longer time to grow, 81 days in fact. Slow-grown, like the ones your grandparents would’ve eaten.

If you agree that supermarkets should improve conditions for chickens, join us to show your support. And what better way is there than to bust out your origami skills…

It’s easy. All you need to do is:

1) Print our origami chicken

2) Fold your masterpiece

3) Post a picture of it on social media using #whatthecluck

download your origami chicken


To help you build your origami chicken, follow the instructions below:


Where’s the wildest place your origami chicken has been? Grazing Hampstead Heath? Flying high at the top of the Shard?

Share your snaps with #whatthecluck and tales in the comments below.

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