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Why Big Food Needs To Wake Up To Climate Change

21st May 2019

Farmdrop founder, Ben Pugh, discusses the role food businesses have on reversing climate change.

seasonal food

Ben Pugh with organic farmer Pete Richardson from Westmill Organics.

Last week I was interviewed by BBC Radio 4 for a programme on eating habits and climate change. It was a great opportunity to talk about the role that socially responsible food businesses can play in averting the oncoming climate crisis by setting the very highest standards for sustainable sourcing.  

Let’s be frank, intensive agriculture is destroying the natural resources that they rely on to make a profit. And while it might seem like an efficient system, it is actually incredibly wasteful. Globally, we waste about a third of the food we produce every year, but still 800 million people go hungry. In the UK, 25 per cent of our croppable land is used for cereals that feed intensively reared animals, kept alive by antibiotic drugs designed for humans. It is absolutely bonkers. 

While political leaders continue to sit on their hands, I hear more people asking what they can do to make a difference. With food production responsible for 25% of global greenhouse emissions there are few better places to make an impact than with your weekly shop. Everything from what you buy, the packaging it comes in, to the farm it’s from can make a big difference to your carbon footprint.

helen browning  farmdrop

Organic farmer Helen Browning with her free-ranging Saddleback pigs

The good news is that a sustainable future for food and farming is already here, it’s just not evenly distributed. A couple of weeks ago I visited one of our amazing producers – Helen Browning’s organic farm in Wiltshire. Like many of the farms we work with, Helen’s farm sets the benchmark for the very best environmental standards in farming and is blessed with a rich biodiversity of wildlife and wild flowers. Equally important, the food from their farm is some of the best I’ve ever eaten!

You can listen to the programme here (segment starts at 16 minutes in).

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