Why our organic spinach packs a powerful punch (and is better than the supermarkets’).

13th June 2016

Spinach – it’s the bright, leafy green that keeps on giving, especially when you compare the size of our big leafy wonders with a ping pong bat and a supermarket leaf. A supermarket spinach leaf is estimated to lose 47% of its folic acid on it’s long journey from farm to your plate. Ours will arrive, at most, two days after it’s been picked.

Why are we so proud of this Organic Spinach?


Award-winning farmer Adrian Izzard at Wild Country Organics is dedicated to growing delicious organic vegetables and he really knows his onions when it comes to nutrition. It takes just 19 hours on average for his crop to travel from the farm to your home with Farmdrop compared to the 106 hours of supermarkets.* That’s 5x fresher than supermarkets.

The result? Adrian’s spinach should last a fortnight and it’s the freshest you can get. It will also be packed with nutrition; research shows this spinach has more folic acid** than the supermarket version (which is important for producing and maintaining new DNA and in preventing birth defects). It also contains Vitamin A, K, C and is a great source of calcium and iron. At Farmdrop, we give Adrian a better share of the retail price (75% in fact) too. Unlike supermarkets we don’t have expensive stores and
complicated supply chains – so you get delicious, great value food delivered in zero emission electric vans (no dirty diesel here!) and farmers are paid fairly.

Don’t take our word for it. To see just how tasty our Organic Spinach can be, get a bag free with your shop this week! Just use the code POPEYE at the checkout before midnight on Sunday 19th June.

*According to the Institute of Grocery Distribution supply chain analysis 

**Full article can be found here

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