World first: Brussels sprouts used to light Christmas Tree

29th November 2013

Flying in the face of parents everywhere, these school kids take playing with food to another level entirely.

With a little help of some scientists, the City of London pupils have taken 1,000 oft maligned, unloved and under appreciated sprouts and given them a new lease of life by creating the world’s first Brussels sprouts battery and using it to light up a Christmas tree.

The Brussels sprouts battery is on display at The Big Bang UK Young Scientists & Engineers Fair, and can power 100 LEDs. The science fair organisers explain:

The battery was created using five power cells, each holding 200 sprouts, producing 63 volts from the 1,000 Brussels sprouts (this comes into the extra low voltage category – like a telephone – and is safe to touch). Copper and Zinc electrodes are placed in each Brussels sprout to create a chemical reaction between the electrodes, generating a current which can be stored and used to power the LEDs on the tree.

Although we’re very partial to a festive sprout or two, we’re pretty sure that a lot of sprout-haters out there would agree that lighting christmas lights is putting them to far better use.

Check out the vid from the launch >> here

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