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6 Ways To Build Healthier Habits When On The Go

15th April 2019

If you’re heading away for the long weekend or spending a sunny Saturday on the coast, avoid getting caught out on the motorway with no treats and a hungry troop to feed. Stock up on healthy snacks that will keep the kids (and you) fuller for longer.


Healthier snacks the kids will go mad for. Photography: Natalé Towell.

1. Rolled up ready

Make your own healthier chocolate balls. Food writer and mum, Lizzie King’s recipe for kid-loving coconut chocolate bites are what she describes as “little balls of chocolate energy”. Make them in advance and store in the freezer to whip out for long car journeys or those after-school hunger pangs. Alternatively, date and nut-packed snack balls from The Protein Ball Co. come in three delicious flavours; Raspberry & Brownie, Peanut Butter and Coconut & Goji.

2. Keep it fresh

Pack a mix of crunchy veg sticks, like carrots and celery, or whole radishes, with a pot of hummus for dunking, and fresh fruit for afters.

3. Pick n’ Mix

Make your own fruit and nut mix of chewy sweet mango, dried apple rings, Omega seed mix, organic dates and a variety of nuts and dried fruit. These are handy dry-store ingredients you can keep in the cupboard for last minute emergencies. Get the kids involved in mixing them up into a jar or their very own “pick n mix” bag.


4. Healthier bars

Avoid sugar-packed bars. Try Organix Banana & Date Chunky Fruit Bars: 100% fruit squished into bite-sized pieces. Or tick off a 5-a-day with a Bear Nibbles’ mango, raspberry or strawberry Fruit YoYo, made with 100% fruit and no added sugar or fruit concentrates.

5. All chips in

homemade tortilla chips

Make your own salt-free tortilla chips in less than 15 minutes.  

Swap salt-loaded crisps for organic Seaveg Crispies, banana chips, rice cakes or make your own tortilla chips really easily: here’s a guide.

6. Drink up

Keep the kids hydrated on long car journeys but avoid the plastic trash with Panda Packaging’s bamboo water bottles and straws. Fill with good ol’ H20, jazzed up with fresh mint, cucumber or citrus slices.

Feeling inspired? Distract the kids from over-sugared treats, and show them how to make ice lollies at home with these kid-friendly ice lolly recipes.

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