How it works

How are you different to a supermarket?

Our food is harvested to order, directly from local producers. We deliver food the same day we receive it. And unlike supermarkets producers are paid 75% of the the retail price.

Is There A Minimum Spend?

No, there is no minimum spend to shop with us. We want to make it easy for you to have artisan, local food delivered, so feel free to spend as much or as little as you like. (Please note there is a £3 surcharge for any order under £30.)

How do I qualify for free delivery?

You can claim free delivery by ordering £30 or more, and booking a free 6-hour time slot in checkout. This time slot works best if you have a flexible schedule, and we will send you an ETA for your delivery before we arrive, so you don’t have to be in all day. However, if you are busy, it’s best to book a 1-hour time slot (£3) so we can plan around your schedule.

How do I update my order?

To make changes to your shopping, just log into the website and head to your order history:


We’ll send you an updated order confirmation once you have saved your changes, and you can come back as often as you like before your deadline passes. If you need help, or can’t find something, just email [email protected] or call 0203 770 9300 in our office hours and before your deadline.

Can I cancel an order?

Orders can be cancelled if necessary, but only before the deadline. Because each order is bespoke, we will not be able to refund for anything apart from larder goods once the deadline has passed.

To view your deadline, log into your online account and go to your order history, then view your open order. There will be a countdown at the top of your order summary showing how much time is left for changes. If there is no countdown, your order is being prepared and will be on its way soon.

How And When Do I Pay?

We accept all major credit and debit cards, including American Express. Your card will be charged at the cut-off for your chosen delivery day. To find your deadline, log in and open your order in My Orders. You’ll see a countdown at the top of your order summary.

Please note our pay provider authorises each payment when your order is placed, to make sure we're meeting strict security regulations. (We want to make sure your money isn't swept into money laundering schemes or re-routed to fund terrorism) This authorisation is sometimes held by your bank as a precaution, but will be returned to your balance in due course.

Can I set up a repeating order?

There are a few features we’re working on to make your experience truly amazing, and Weekly Orders is one of them. It’s not quite ready, so in the meantime, the easiest way to set up a Weekly Order is to save your favourite or most-used items to a Shopping List and order from the list in one click.

What Happens If Something I Ordered Isn't Available?

Our growers, bakers and producers work hard to deliver everything you have ordered, but working with small independent producers means that very occasionally we have to replace an item at short notice. If this happens in your order, we will pack an identical product from a different producer, or something very similar. (Any price difference will be credited to your Piggy Bank or paid for by us.) Please don’t worry that you’ll get sponges instead of spring onions; people choose our replacements, not computers.