How It Works





Farmdrop is a bit like an online farmers market: it’s a place where you can get delicious food and meet the local producers behind it. They really put their heart into making it. That’s why we think it’s only fair that they get 70-75% of the retail price, when they would get 25-50% from supermarkets.

The producers get to work digging, harvesting, baking and catching only when they receive your order. That means that no food is wasted and no fresh produce is lying around in a warehouse.

Because your order is specially prepared for you, we need a minimum of 2 days to deliver your food. We deliver to your home via our amazing zero emission electric vans across London, in 1-hour time slots from 7am to 9pm and on a day chosen by you.

How are we “5x fresher than supermarkets”?

We’ve developed a new “click-to-harvest” model where nearly all our fresh local produce reaches customers within a day of leaving its source. The average time taken between fresh produce arriving at our hub and a customer's front door is 19 hours. This compares to 105.6 hours for supermarkets according to the most recent IGD supply chain analysis benchmarking report (published 2015).

Over 70 of the best local producers