• Game from Park Farm

    Game from Park Farm

    We now have a new range of game-meat from park Farm, including succulent pheasants, perfect partridges, and delicious venison. Low in fat and cholesterol, it makes a great alternative to steak and chicken.

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  • Ethical Veal

    Ethical Veal

    Horton House are pioneering a new approach to dairy farming and in the process building a closed loop food system where everyone wins; the farmers, the animals, the land and the conscientious consumer.

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  • HIPP Organics

    HIPP Organics

    HIPP has been persistently and passionately working with nature, not against it, for over 60 years. Going above and beyond EU Organic standards, every ingredient is carefully selected so it's naturally baby-friendly, from less acidic apples to lower nitrate spinach.

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