Our Mission

We make it easy to buy the freshest food direct from the best local producers.

We are on a mission to fix the food chain

We’re simplifying the food chain to build a more delicious world.

Like many fresh ideas, the seeds for Farmdrop were born out of frustration. Sick and tired of seeing food sourced from miles away in supermarkets and farmers selling butternut squash to big retailers for under £1 - who in turn sold them them for £3 - got our founder, Ben Pugh, asking: why does the person producing the food only receive a third of the shelf price?

Click to harvest

Farmdrop’s click-to-harvest model means a much better deal for producers and the environment. Our farmers and foodmakers receive 70-75% of the retail price for their hard work, compared to the 25%-50% that most retailers offer them. How? Simply because we take out the layers between food producers and you.

We’ve created a slick supply chain that is more than five times faster than the supermarkets’, so you get the absolute freshest food possible.

Sustainable values at heart

We also love our planet. We’re here to make it easy to access the best smaller local producers who hold sustainable values at heart and help keep Britain green. We use zero emission electric vans, reusable thermal packaging and super local sourcing for the lowest food miles.

Food waste really gets our goat too. Our producers receive actual orders in advance, meaning your kale is only cut once bought. There’s no need to store any fresh food, so there’s none lying around in distribution centres - it simply passes through our Bermondsey hub in a matter of hours.

We believe that supporting small-scale farming paves the way for a more sustainable food system.

Our farms have smaller strips of land, more hedgerows, wildflowers, and crops being rotated from one strip to another. It’s sustainable stewardship – and by shopping with Farmdrop you’re supporting the local ecosystem and the people and businesses that make it possible.

Most of the time all of your Farmdrop food will come from within 150 miles. However it isn't always possible to find a full range in our area. We live for supporting local food production, but we may need to look further to source the range of food you rightly need to make up your weekly shop. Where our suppliers have been unable to grow something themselves, they too will seek to deliver what you have ordered, even if it occasionally means they have to look further afield (pun intended) - and we support them in this.

The Farmdrop approach is based on real people, real relationships and real local food. We believe you deserve the freshest, most delicious locally sourced and competitively priced food. It’s utopian but it’s the truth. And it’s why we get up in the morning.

Shake the hand that feeds you - Michael Pollan

Our team

Farmdrop comes from humble beginnings. It all started around Ben’s kitchen table with two food-loving friends in 2012. Today we’ve got one of the world’s top ten crowdfunding campaigns and tasty set of awards under our belt. We are a (growing!) dream team of 35 who are getting closer every day to fulfilling our mission to grow a food system that's better for our taste buds, pockets, bodies, communities and planet. We hope you will join us.