Sladesdown Farm

Sladesdown Farm

Sladesdown Farm is a 40-acre, all grass, family farm, located in Ashburton, just south of Exeter. It lies in an area of rolling hills and outstanding beauty. Our fields are small and the 400-year-old hedgerows surrounding them are 2 or 3 metres wide. Daniel and Elaine were both brought up in farming families and wished to start their own farming business. They originally started rearing turkeys for Christmas and the farm has gone from strength to strength. They now have their own breeding flock of Heritage Pekin ducks from which they take eggs and hatch their own ducklings. From the hatchery they are reared free range on their Devon pastures to full maturing age where they are processed in their own abattoir on site and hung to mature the texture and flavour of the birds which also reduces the food miles. Alongside the ducks they also have a suckler herd of native breed Red Ruby Cattle and rear slow grown free range Hubbard chickens. The Guinea Fowl are a new venture which they are very excited about and are already finding fame in some of Londons top restaurants

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