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Ruffle Organic Chicken

Ruffle Organic Chicken

Chris and his family have been tending and nurturing their organic, free range chickens to the highest standards since 2002 on their farm in the beautiful Devon Countryside. After a stint in the corporate world, followed by a taste of farming by running a dedicated egg packing business, Chris took a leap of faith and joined a long family tradition of self-employment and decided to set up his own organic chicken rearing business in 2002. Initially Chris worked very closely with a large family run chicken processing business until he decided to go solo, build up his own organic poultry business and eventually branch out into processing his own poultry by building his own abattoir close to the family farm. Our chickens are grown slowly and naturally to 10 weeks. Because we are small scale we can take the time to look after our birds and ensure high standards of animal welfare at all stages of their growing and processing cycle. Chris’s passion for what he does extends to how the birds are processed. To maintain and ensure the high levels of care and welfare through to the delicious meat you put on your plate, he decided to build his own abattoir in 2012. All processes at the factory are constantly monitored and audited both internally and externally by the Food Standards Agency and our customers. Our chicken are raised to exacting standards that comply with Organic Farmers & Growers and Soil Association accreditation. We strongly believe in our values, ethics, farming methods and animal welfare. By being organic we are also conserving and bettering our land and environment. We plant trees for shade, and areas for the chicken to explore and to encourage wildlife and insects. We recycle the chicken dung to local organic farmers for their land. We land share with other farmers allowing them to grow whole crop for their dairy cattle. Our processing unit is also ‘run by the sun’; solar panels provide our electricity and rainwater is harvested for use in the factory.

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Ruffle Organic Chicken

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Ruffle Organic Chicken

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