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Volcano Coffee Works

‘For me selling coffee the way we do, where everything is traceable, is all about making people think about where it comes from and the impact it’s having across the whole chain.’ From Kurt’s kitchen to the company’s permanent Roastery in Brixton, Volcano is now a team of 20 passionate, committed people. Volcano shares a vision of bringing you the best coffee from around the world, hand-roasted by Kurt every morning.

We at Volcano are super-excited to be leading the way in the UK by developing 100% biodegradable and fully compostable pods.

We all know that coffee pods have many advantages, including convenience and consistency. However, they have one major drawback: their environmental impact, and that’s something that’s been frustrating us here at Volcano. Plastic pods take a ridiculous 500 years to degrade, while aluminium pods aren’t much better, taking around 150 years! Most recyclable pods are a mix of plastic and aluminium, combined with the dregs of the coffee, which means that most recycling plants won’t accept them unless they are first completely disassembled and washed. Too few of us have time to do that.