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Felt So Good

Felt so good was launched by Adele Zara Collinson in 2009, inspired by her love for colour and craft after studying Design Crafts at University and living in Asia for a while.

Adele designs all of these stunning products in the UK and then travels to Asia in order to work with skilled artisans who then bring them to life using traditional crafts. She follows a strong passion to support and promote an ethical practice and personally travels to Asia at least 3 times a year to oversee that these values are not only upheld but strengthened. “The artistry skills of the ladies whom make these gorgeous products are fantastic and the importance of this community based cottage industry to maintain and develop responsible working conditions, be given fair wages and a job in which they are happy is at the heart of felt so good’s ethos”.

All of the materials that we use are natural and biodegradable helping our planet in the long term for our future little ones.