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Loddington Farm

Loddington Farm

Loddington Farm is set on the stunning Greensand Ridge over looking the Weald of Kent. Fruit growing here has been happening for hundreds of years and the Smiths at Loddington are no exception. Fred Smith bought Loddington in 1882 and James now farms as a fifth generation on this beautiful piece of countryside. The aim is to grow food in a way that enhances the natural environment and James is challenging every part of the business to go chemical free over the next 4 years. This has already been done in less than 12 months on some orchards and no herbicides or soil applied synthetic fertilisers are used. The farming with nature part of our brand is at the heart of everything we do and the abundance of all life in our orchards is testament to the care that goes in to our food production. It’s not easy to move away from mainstream farming but here at Loddington the team is up for the challenge and we’re tearing up the copy book and re-kindling our love of nature in all the food we produce. We can hand on heart say we are doing everything we can to produce nutritious, healthy food that is helping the planet all in one go. Enjoy our apples, pears, apricots, cherries, asparagus and delicious range of juices and keep up to date with our latest ideas on social media and our websites.

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Loddington Farm

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