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Seafood & Eat It

There’s a beautiful simplicity to fishing for crab. You just lay down the pots and wait. Take pot luck, if you will. There’s no unwanted by-catch and no damage to the seabed. We hand select every crab — females with eggs and tiddlers are thrown back to swim another day. And we’re working on ways to use every single part of the crab, so we can grow our business, but still be sensible about the numbers we catch. After all, we owe it to those crabs. Mega coastal tides keep the water quality in Cornwall clean and crystal clear … so the flavour of the local crab (Cancer Pagurus) is unusually pure, fresh and delicate. Our carefully hand-picked crab meat takes time and patience to tease out, but boy it’s worth it. The taste and texture is so much better than the usual imported machine-processed mush. White crab meat is a packed with protein, while brown meat is high in Omega 3, which keeps the brain ticking over nicely.