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Black Hand Food

From the first piece of meat we ever bought (a hand of pork from a Large Black breed herd, which gave us our company name), we knew that there was something special about UK charcuterie. Here in the UK we're blessed with an environment that's superb for raising animals, and we have some of the highest animal welfare standards anywhere in the world. So why wouldn't we be able to make great charcuterie? We only use rare breed pork, mostly Gloucester Old Spot and Berkshires which have had a long life, from sustainable sources. This means that they will tend to have put down a lot more fat and have a much deeper flavour than other intensively reared, shorter lived, non-native herds. Our founder, Hugo Jeffreys, started out with a converted fridge in his basement in East London way back in 2012. By 2013 Blackhand was formed and has been making it's signature Fennel + Wild V-pepper salami and Culatellos ever since. In the years since we have also begun to add other products to our range including salamis and hams made from Texal lamb and also Muntjac deer from the nearby Epping forest.