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Ossa Organic

Ossa Organic is focused on restorative and gut healing foods, only using the most premium and organic ingredients. Ossa organic was born out of CEO & Founder Catherine Farrant's kitchen when she discovered the benefits of bone broth while pregnant with her son Jack. Being pregnant and working full time in an Investment firm in central London, Catherine was paying very close attention to her diet to ensure she was equipping her body with the maximum nutrients and bone broth became her magic elixir, a liquid power house of protein, magnesium, collagen and amino acids.

During this time Catherine would go to her local butcher to collect organic used bones to make the nourishing and healing broth at home, now three years on and this principle of upcycling remains at the heart of Ossa's all sustainable supply chain. Firstly Ossa source only organic bones from well cared for animals which otherwise would have been incinerated, these bones are cooked for 24 hours to draw out the maximum nutrients and flavour, then only organic vegetables and apple cider vinegar are added - no added nasties, all non GMO. Finally all the bones we use to make the broth are put back to the earth as fertilizer, our packaging is also 100% recyclable. We are proud of our sustainable supply chain and to be a B Corp.