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Dorset Cereals

Our love affair with cereal began way back in 1989. Every recipe is a unique blend of fruit, nuts and seeds, and we put a big emphasis on the quality of our flakes, to make sure we get the balance of flavours spot on. We understand that making food creates waste, but we’re committed to minimising any harm that might cause. We’re passionate about recycling and attempt to reuse everything we can – in fact, we’re proud to say that 0% of our food waste goes to landfill. Any food waste we have is sent to the Prince of Wales biogas plant, on the edge of Poundbury. It’s anaerobically digested to provide gas for 56,000 homes in summer and 4,000 in winter! We love trees, and all the good they do for our planet. So to date, we’ve worked with the Woodland Trust to plant over 26,000 of them across the UK.