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Tenute Dettori

Here, wine has been made for centuries, and many of Dettori vines are over a century old. At Dettori, technology and trends are banned. Harvests are done exclusively by hand; there are no fixed schedules, only the ones dictated by the will of Nature. No modern technology or chemicals are used, just ancient agricultural techniques (they are fully organic and certified biodynamic). “We feel the need and the responsibility to hand down to future generations a fertile, healthy earth, and the only way to preserve this patrimony is to exclude a priori every chemical substance”. The cellar, built underground, follows the same principles. Just stainless-steel and concrete tanks are used, where spontaneous fermentation takes place with no temperature control and no use of sulfites except, and only if absolutely necessary, at bottling. Only indigenous varietals are grown: Vermentino, Pascale, Moscato di Sennori, Monica, and of course, Cannonau. Sennori (with Sorso Oliena and Jerzu) is one of the most historical areas of Sardegna for Cannonau, which is confirmed not to be the same as Grenache. Overall a maximum of 45,000 bottles can be made depending on the vintage.