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Sharpham Park

Situated in the Somerset levels with far reaching views of Glastonbury Tor, Sharpham Park is a 300-acre organic family farm growing and milling the ancient Spelt grain. In 2003 Roger Saul, the founder of Mulberry, bought the land around his family home and embarked on restoring it into the organic mixed-economy farm of today. Roger’s pioneering vision has established the Sharpham Park brand as the ‘Champion of British Spelt’ reintroducing this healthy ancient grain back into our diets. Today we are the largest producer of organic spelt in the UK supplying everyone from independent farm shops to leading supermarkets, bakeries and local Michelin starred restaurants. Our Spelt products are Vegan approved and include a range of delicious cereals, flours and grains with the latest arrival, our artisan Spelt pasta. Organic spelt is perfect for the ever-increasing trend towards plant-based diets as part of a healthy lifestyle. At Sharpham Park we stone grind the grain to make flour the traditional way, leaving the husk on the grain until the start of the milling process locking in vital nutrients and natural oils. A truly wholegrain and a good source of nutrients, there are many health benefits to be gained by simply switching from traditional wheat to the distinctive nutty flavour of this simple grain. As members of the Organic farmers and Growers Association Sharpham Park is built on ethical values to nurture and protect the environment, respect the wildlife and focus on responsible farming methods to minimize our impact on the planet. We do not use any pesticides or antibiotics, encourage nesting lapwing on fallow land, wildlife into hedgerows, rotating crops to protect micronutrients and reintroducing nitrogen to the soil with natural planting schemes. Nothing goes to waste, the high protein bi-products from spelt bran are added to our rare breed deer feed, along with fallen apples and chestnuts. Vegetable and farm waste is composted to fertilise our vegetable gardens and we work closely with local food banks and surplus food initiatives. We aim to be plastic free by the end of 2020, converting to home compostable or reusable packaging.

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