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Château Damase

Chateau Damase was rebuilt and expanded in 1985 by the family Milhade. Their objective was to make terroir driven wines. It was clear from from very early on that the vineyard had the potential for producing high quality wines.

In 2010 Richard and Arianne von Seidel aquired Chateau Damase and they will continue the further development of the vineyard.

Richard grew up in Zimbabwe and South Africa and travelled extensively in Africa and Latin America. Whilst he loves the African roughness and the explosion of taste in many South African wines, he felt that the wines always lacked something. Wine is his passion, investment banking was his day time job. He met Arianne whilst she was in Johannesburg on a business trip. Living on opposite sides of the world, made them meet in places all over Europe. Their love affair and his consequent travelling to Europe made him realise that what was missing in SA wines, was tradition, history and time. He felt that the love for “terroir” spiced with African optimism and adventurism is the ideal combination for a spectacular wine. Richard and Arianne's passion for wine propelled them to acquire an estate of their own. They left investment banking, packed up house and their four children and set off for France, Bordeaux, the world capital of wine. A new adventure has started for the Family von Seidel !