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Follow Your Heart

We searched in vain for a replacement, so the task of creating a creamy, delicious, and egg-free spread fell on our shoulders. Bob quickly got to work. He blended sample after sample in his home kitchen with no success until, just as his hope began to fade, one night he shot up in bed with an idea. An idea from a dream! He got up that moment and rushed to the kitchen to test one more batch.

Success at last… Vegenaise was born that night. It wasn’t yet perfect, but we were on the right track and, after many batches, we perfected our recipe. Our Avocado, Tomato, and Sprouts Sandwich was back on the menu! Once the news spread that a real egg-free mayo was now available, Follow Your Heart customers began to ask for some to take home. It wasn’t long before we outgrew our tiny café kitchen and had to find a place to make enough Vegenaise to meet the growing demand.