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La Tua

The fifty-­strong crew at La Tua Pasta cook everything from scratch in a North London kitchen, where a combination of local and Italian ingredients are used to make over 200 varieties of pasta. Tortellini are folded by dexterous hands, and fillings change with the seasons. “Our pasta is made with all sorts of things,” says sales manager Jessica.

Opened in 2006 by Carolina and Francesco Boggian, the aim was to create fresh pasta which top chefs would happily serve in their restaurants as though it was their own creation. In the years since, they have succeeded – supplying pasta to gourmet delicatessens and restaurants throughout London. In 2013 they opened a permanent stand at Borough Market which they had visited for seven years prior. They now have regular customers, who request new flavours of pasta, or just stop by for a chat.

Outside of work, Caroline and Francesco love spending time with their family and friends – especially if it means going on holiday to Italy. Their favourite meal is Crab Tortellini served with extra virgin olive oil and cherry tomatoes, and a glass of white Italian wine: heavenly for a summer night, whether in Italy or England.

In the cold winter they like Wild Boar Tortellini served with a simple tomato sauce, a warming rustic earthy meal in which you can taste the Italian countryside.

‘Farmdrop fits perfectly with our values and mission. We really care about what we produce and are keen to connect with customers who care as much as us.” Jessica Scudetti, La Tua Pasta

● La Tua Pasta products are fully accredited by The Craft Guild of Chefs, and their operations are certified by Salsa

● Great Tastes Awards 2014 for their Spinach and Ricotta Tortelloni, Pea and Shallot Ravioli and Egg Tagliatelle

● All pasta is made with a blend of 00 Italian Flour and Durum Wheat Flour and has 28% egg content