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Casa Grande Artisan Pasta

Tatiana and Derek set up Casa Grande Artisan Pasta in their own home, making handmade organic pastas and pestos on their kitchen table. They only moved to bigger premises when the pasta threatened to take over the whole house. Casa Grande now operates out of a beautiful, bright and airy kitchen right on the Thames, in a disused Police Station in Woolwich Docks. They are proud to be bringing a new lease of life to the once­derelict building.

Casa Grande’s pastas are all lovingly made by hand, using only organic and locally­sourced ingredients, and are slow­dried at low temperatures for two to four days. The high egg content makes their products easier to digest than other pastas, and the use of bronze dies during the extraction process makes their pasta porous and much more readily absorbent of sauces, butters and oils. For a bit of colour to bring fun to any meal, Tatiana recommends their pretty pink Beetroot Tagliatelle, but her absolute favourite is the luxurious Squid Ink pasta – perfect with scallops and prawns.

Tatiana is particularly passionate about the importance of buying locally and reducing food miles, having lived for a while in the Amazon rainforest. She was shocked to learn that 70% of the UK’s pasta is imported, and resolved to change this by bringing delicious London­ made artisan pasta to the people of Britain.

‘Farmdrop: what a great concept! They make it easy for people to buy local produce without depending on the restricted times and locations of Farmers’ Markets.’ Tatiana Curtis, Casa Grande Artisan Pasta

● Certified organic by the Soil Association

● The only producers of organic dried pasta in the UK

● Casa Grande consists of a small and dedicated team of four