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Belazu Ingredient Co.

Belazu Ingredient Co.

Sometimes we’re sourcing a better version of a staple, like our single estate Early Harvest Olive Oil made by the Pons family in a mill in the heart of their Arbequina olive groves. We also look to inject extra depth of flavour into a product, for example, the olive tapenades we produce at our Greenford HQ. Either way, our mantra is always to respect the produce and ingredients. We launched ‘The Journey Matters’ in the spring of 2015 to provide fresh, goal-driven focus to our sustainability efforts. The initiative is based on three core pillars: Product, Planet and People. It promotes positive change through sustainability and social engagement. To accomplish our goals, we work together with our suppliers, customers and employees. Furthermore, we established the Belazu Foundation in 2003 to support food and educational projects for children and young people in the UK and the Mediterranean. The Belazu Ingredient Company donates 3% of profit to the Belazu Foundation and other charitable projects.

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Belazu Ingredient Co.

Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 Bottle (500ml)



Belazu Ingredient Co.

Rose Harissa

1 Jar (170g)


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