Hurdlebrook - Farmdrop Local Food Delivery


Dave Paull is Somerset born and bred, a third generation dairy farmer with a West Country accent as luxurious as the cream from his beloved cows. He runs the farm with the help of his mum, dad and wife Rosie, but it’s the Guernsey cows that really make Hurdlebrook Farm special – all 200 of them, each with their own names and personalities. Dave’s favourites are a ‘gentle little cow called Marigold’ and their Aberdeen Angus bull Rodney, named after the man who delivered him to the farm.

The cows graze on land enriched with farmyard manure, and are milked in an immaculately clean herringbone parlour. This is particularly important because Hurdlebrook Farm milk is raw and unpasteurised. The Guernsey milk, golden in colour because of the beta carotene from the grass, is silkier, thicker and more delicious than standard milk, in a way that is hard to describe – but once you’ve tasted unadulterated Guernsey milk, those cartons of pasteurised white stuff from the supermarket pale in comparison.

Dave is a huge advocate of the health benefits of drinking raw milk, which is great for the digestion as you lose none of the enzymes and probiotic cultures that are destroyed through the typical heating process. Only the yoghurt is pasteurised, and Dave recommends a bowl of summer berries with a generous dollop of it.

‘Farmdrop is doing a grand job of distributing good food around London, which people wouldn’t otherwise have access to.’ Dave Paull, Hurdlebrook Farm

● Grass­fed Guernsey cows

● Unpasteurised, raw milk

● Taste of the West Award 2008 and numerous Bath and West awards