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St Raphaël

St Raphaël

It truly became ingrained in French culture during the “30 Glorieuses,” or the thirty years following World War II. Dining, cafe culture, and lively bistros had returned in force to France and St. Raphaël was the drink of choice. St. Raphaël is the result of a blend of fine wines and carefully selected aromatic plants which conjure up exotic faraway places: cocoa, bitter oranges, vanilla, calumba, etc. The basic component of St. Raphaël goes by the mysterious name of “mistelle”. Mistelle is obtained by stopping the fermentation of the grape juice by adding alcohol to keep the natural sugar of the original grapes. Spices and bitter orange peels as well as vanilla and cocoa are then left to macerate slowly in the alcohol until all their aromas have been fully absorbed. During the blending operation, it is the Cellar Master – respecting a hundred years-old tradition – who gives St. Raphaël its perfect balance.

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St Raphaël

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