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Brinkworth Dairy

Run by husband and wife team Ceri and Chad Cryer, Brinkworth Dairy is the definition of a family business; Ceri’s family have farmed the land since 1910, passing traditional recipes from one generation to the next. Now Ceri, Chad and their cheesemaker Lewis supply traditional cheeses, cream and butter to farmer’s markets, restaurants, small shops and of course to Farmdrop.

Chad rises at 5am to tend to the small, contented herd of Pedigree Friesian Cows, who feed on the luscious grasslands of the Dauntsey Vale. These cows provide the milk which is the key ingredient in all the dairy’s produce –​a​ll made on the farm itself, a stone’s throw from the cows.

The product Ceri is proudest of is the award­ winning Brinkworth Blue, with its sharp taste when young which mellows into a deeper richer flavour as the cheese matures.

The farm is reached by a long country lane giving the impression that it is tucked away from the outside world, however motorways and the nearby Great Western Railway connect this idyllic spot to the rest of the country. Ceri loves the promise and new life of spring, and the long days of summer which lend themselves to silage making, the nearest thing in modern farming to the rustic romance of haymaking in days of old.

‘We love Farmdrop because it connects the countryside with the capital, taking our great dairy goodies to the doorsteps of the big smoke.’ Ceri Cryer, Brinkworth Dairy

● Ceri and Chad are motivated by a desire to preserve the stunning landscape of the surrounding Dauntsey Vale

● The welfare of the Friesian cows is of paramount importance to Brinkworth Dairy

● Best Cheese i​n the T​aste of The West Awards, Best Territorial Product a​t T​he British Cheese Awards, a​nd S​ilver and Bronze medals a​t the​ British Cheese Awards.