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Farmdrop Fisherman

At Farmdrop, we are committed to ensuring all our fish comes from sustainable and responsible fisheries. We work with some of the nation’s finest fishermen to source the best and freshest fish and shellfish direct from our beautiful sea everyday. These guys (and gals) are bringing fishing back to its roots and venture just a few miles from the shore on small day boats, using low-impact rod and line or handline methods to protect the local ecosystem.

The Lyme Bay Reserve is made up of 59 fishermen working 45 boats who are signed-up to the Lyme Bay Voluntary Code of Conduct. The Reserve covers 60 square miles of Lyme Bay with its outer boundary reaching 6 miles offshore, with its landward boundary going from Chesil Beach at Abbotsbury in Dorset, to Beer Head in Devon. The Beer fishermen launch their boats from a pebble beach. The boats are pulled back up the beach by winch and tractor. If they get caught at sea by rough weather, getting ashore in the surf can be quite exciting!

The gear worked consists of static bottom nets for fish such as plaice, rays and sole; static floating nets for fish such as bass, mullet and bream. Fish traps for cuttlefish. Whelk pots. Crab/lobster pots. Rod and lining for fish such as bass and mackerel. Divers for hand-picked scallops. Using mobile gear within the Reserve is banned, e.g. scallop dredging or bottom trawling.

The Reserve is in all but name, a Marine National Park and is managed as such with direct involvement of the fishermen through the Lyme Bay Fisheries and Conservation Reserve Consultative Committee which contain two representative fishermen members from each of the four ports. A new way to manage our seas!

The folks at Glenarm Organic Salmon in County Antrim, Northern Ireland are blessed with an optimal environment. Their on-growing farms in Glenarm Bay and Red Bay off the Antrim coast are separated by 11 miles of fast flowing coastal seawater and create fantastic conditions for their young fish to thrive. Exposed to the energetic coastal waters of the North Channel in the Irish Sea, currents and tidal flows ensures the perfect level of exercise for the salmon.

We work with fisherman who have complete traceability from deck to dish, and are committed to sustaining the delicate eco balance of sea life, so that you know exactly where your fish is from and can be assured that it was caught responsibly. Small coastal fishing teams mean smaller boats, smaller catches with a range of fish and a smaller environmental impact. By choosing our ‘Catch of the Day’, you’ll receive the fruits of our fisherman’s efforts direct from the coast, delivered to your door. Not only will you be eating the freshest seasonal fish around, but you’ll also be supporting your local fishermen and their way of life.