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Crown & Queue Meats

Using only lovingly-raised British Heritage pork and as many indigenous, locally-grown, ingredients as we can, our dry-cured sausages are going to taste different than any you’ve ever had and yet... still a little familiar. That’s because we created our recipes to reflect the exquisite flavours that are born and raised right here in England. We have amazing pigs, fantastic herbs, great beer and delicious wine – so why go elsewhere for ingredients or inspiration?

We personally visit every farm we work with and only work with farmers who believe, as we do, that truly great meat only comes from truly well-cared-for pigs. Pigs who live as much of their lives outdoors as possible, who can snuggle down at night in deep bedding, who dine well, and who aren’t being force-fed hormones or antibiotics. So not only does the pork in our sausages taste better, you can feel better about eating it.

Our Managing Director, Pork Whisperer and Fearless Heroine is Adrienne Eiser Treeby. Guided by her commitment to good food and good ethics, Adrienne has been in turns a Chef, an Apprentice and a Cheesemonger. After putting in fourteen years working behind the stoves at some of the world’s most prestigious restaurants, two years learning how to make cured meats at the knee of a Master Salumiere and a further two years getting to know the artisanal London food scene with Neal’s Yard Dairy, we’re pretty glad to have her at the helm.