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Hartland Pies

Pies to tantalise the tastebuds. The Hartland family has lived and baked in the Nottinghamshire village of Cotgrave for over fifty years, with successive generations of the Hartland family taking up the mixing spoon in pursuit of the perfect pie and boy have they done it!

Their bakery lies just a short walk away from our family home and is, naturally the heart of our business, the place where everyone works hard and shares ideas in open environment designed to bring the very best of traditional methods and new tastes together. Each and every pie and pastry that the Hartland family make is given total care and attention because, hand on heart, they are truly passionate about pies.

In our family we like to keep it simple - firmly believing that the very best pies are a product of really good ingredients.

Meat that comes from animals that have lived and eaten well, cared for by people who understand the value of their welfare and the benefits of that care to great taste. Fruit and vegetables at their very best, freshly gathered, seasonal, local and bursting with flavour and texture. Beer and cheese are two of my personal favourites for unforgettable flavour and I have spent many happy days researching those particular ingredients to find the best.

I hope you enjoy my hard labour in the pies!