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High Weald Dairy

High Weald Dairy

By 2003, the business outgrew the facility at Duddleswell and production was moved to Tremains Farm, in Horsted Keynes, a 350-acre family farm where 250 organic dairy cows were milked on site. A former grain store on the farm was transformed in to a modern dairy where Mark, and the cheesemakers who work alongside him, have been able to widen the range of cheeses produced. It’s fair to say that cheese is a bit of an obsession for Mark and, since I joined the business, his enthusiasm has rubbed off on me. He tells me I’m a lucky lady to have one of the cheeses named after me (Sister Sarah)! You’ll find us both at the dairy on a daily basis and, when we’re not making cheese, we’re often out selling it at one of the local markets, teaching others about it in the one-day course I designed to share our passion or enjoying a supper made with a recipe that uses it. Even when we go on holiday I’ll often find Mark has chosen a destination that just happens to be close to an interesting cheese producer. One of our other great passions is walking our dogs in the beautiful Sussex countryside in which we live and work – and did I mention that one of them is named Pickle? We are supported in the business by a small but passionate team at the High Weald Dairy and currently make 15 different cheeses with the entire process for each one taking place on the farm – and you can never be sure when another one will emerge as Mark loves to try out new ideas. With British consumers becoming more concerned with traceability, sustainability and supporting homegrown businesses, the High Weald Dairy continues to go from strength to strength.

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High Weald Dairy

Organic Ricotta

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High Weald Dairy

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High Weald Dairy

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High Weald Dairy

Organic Little Sussex (Mould ripened sheep cheese)

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High Weald Dairy

Organic Sussex Slipcote - Garlic & Herb

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High Weald Dairy

Organic Seven Sisters (Sheep's cheese with seaweed)

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