Chazwinkles - Farmdrop Local Food Delivery


Charli Elphinstone grew up rurally eating fresh locally produced food. Moving to London to develop her career made buying, cooking and eating the types of food she was used to on a daily basis, more challenging and ultimately gave her the idea for Chazwinkle’s.

It was unlikely that weekly schedules allowed for meals to be planned in advance so food shopping at farmers markets at the weekend weren’t always an economical option. Instead, the after work choices were the ‘Local’ or ‘Express’ outlets. This was a time-consuming process going through the shelves to find the origin in search of British produce – for the flavour that seasonality brings and generally, local produce equals shelf life with the customer.

As the penny dropped and Charli realised she was missing the flavour and also the variety that the seasons bring to cooking, she started to explore the idea of hunter-gathering all available British seasonal produce under one roof. After digging around, the enormity of the challenge to hunter-gather perishables goods and deliver them to the consumer seemed a rather overwhelming one, so Charli leant on an old tradition – preserve British seasonal fruits & vegetables as simply as possible for use in, on or with everyday cooking.

As an ambient, trustworthy product, Chazwinkle’s can sit in the kitchen cupboard and be the busy person’s all-rounder – available to use all year round and at your convenience – bunged into meals with very little planning and deliver on flavour that many have been missing.