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Clement & Florian Berthier

The brothers Berthier make a good team; Clément honing his commercial skills in the States, whilst Florian, who is fresh out of winemaking school, has already worked stages with Anne-Françoise Gros in Pommard and at Neudorf in Nelson. There is also talk of a vintage in Oregon soon, where he aims to further educate himself on the joys of working with Pinot Noir. The Berthier’s own a total of 8.5 hectares in Sancerre with the vines coming from the maternal side of the family. Jean-Marie adds a further 10 hectares of Giennois to the equation.

The vineyards of Saint-Gemme-en-Sancerrois and Sury-en-Vaux offer a complete foil to those of Chavignol, the former commune sitting on a band of on silex, ensuring the wines express a completely different profile. Economies of scale are different too, the relatively flat ground in Saint-Gemme allows mechanical harvesting.