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Bioalgarrobo is located in Algarrobo, a small village East of Malaga between the Bentomiz hills and the Mediterranean sea. The village is surrounded by a river, and along with the Southern Spanish climate, it nourishes the soil. Founded in 2003 by 8 local farmers, environmental and social sustainability are fundamental principles of their project, and remain the key focus to this day for the cooperative. They now grow high quality Organic Fruit and Vegetables. Adri from Bioalgarrobo says, " With a lot of effort, we managed to build a self-sufficient warehouse through photovoltaic panels. We also use recyclable and biodegradable packaging to reduce the environmental impact and we avoid using chemicals for the disinfection of the cold rooms and storage areas by using ozone instead. Thanks to these and some other clever improvements, like acclimating our warehouse with insulating materials, we are able to work effectively and respectfully with the natural environment. In recognition of our work, the Minister for the Environment and Sustainable Development in the Government in Andalucía, awarded us with “ Bandera al Mérito Medioambiental de Andalucía” prize. Our healthy and tasty vegetables are the result of an exceptional climate, effort and passion. We are excited to share the best we do with you!"

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Organic Sweet Potatoes

1 Tray (min. 500g)




Organic Butternut Squash

1 Squash (min. 500g)



Organic Courgettes

2 Courgettes (min. 500g)