Well&Truly - Farmdrop Local Food Delivery


Well&Truly promises to offer tasty and better for you alternatives to everyday snacks and “on-the-go” products. The Company believes that small changes in everyday eating habits will have lasting benefits to consumer health and their range has been specifically designed with this in mind. Our Ethos We like to keep things simple. We make it easy to make healthy, tasty choices every single day. Our food is 100% goodness guaranteed – that means we only use all-natural, real ingredients that you’d find in the kitchen to make delicious recipes you’ll love.
We believe less is moreish so we never use anything artificial, no-GMO and no nasties of any kind. We source all our ingredients from nature and make sure every one is there for a reason – to bring great-tasting, good food to the table. We want to get the world to Eat Well & Live Truly. And if our food helps people to feel happier and healthier, then we think that’s Well & Truly mission accomplished.