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Olive Branch

Maira says: “Olive picking is one of my fondest childhood memories. Each year, my father would wake my brother and me shortly before sunrise. Armed with a picnic lunch, we would head off to the grove to pick olives all morning. We hand pick the olives with the aid of a long stick which we use to tap the branches lightly to allow the olives to fall onto a tarpaulin cloth, from where we hand pick those which look suitable.”

“Life in the UK has been great, but I did find the change in food culture a little challenging at first. I was quite amazed at the high consumption of frozen food / take-away food, and also at the extraordinarily high price of fresh food and vegetables, which seemed to do nothing more than encourage the frozen food and take-away culture further.”

Longing for the fresh taste of Crete, Maria began to receive parcels from Crete, packed with fresh Olive Oil, Cretan herbs and other local foods; this has now turned into a successful small business supplying independent stores throughout the UK.