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Sipsmith launched in 2009, on a mission to bring gin of uncompromising quality and character back to the city where it all began. They were the first traditional copper distillery to open in London for nearly 200 years.

Inspired by the two hundred years of London distilling history they have inherited, the team balance modern technology with traditional recipes and techniques.

What makes Sipsmith so special? - All of their spirits are Copper Stilled in Small Batches. This cleanses the spirit, drawing out any impurities: it’s what makes Sipsmith spirits so incredibly smooth. - Sipsmith are one of the few gins in the world not to be made from concentrate – not now, not ever: it’s what gives an incredible fullness of flavour. Hand Cut. - The spirits are only ever made using the heart cut of the run, much like a fine single malt: it’s what delivers the uncompromising quality of spirit.