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Gosnells London Mead

We employ traditional brewing methods and blend carefully sourced citrus blossom honey with water to create a new style of mead that is very different from typical meads. At 5.5% ABV, Gosnells is both drier and lower in alcohol than most other meads, and makes for lighter, more refreshing drinking.

We have gone back to the traditional base of mead, using just honey and water – no addition of hops, apples or grapes – to make a product that celebrates the simplicity of the drink, and the sweet, floral notes of the honey. We use traditional ingredients and methods to create mead with a modern twist; served in a 330ml bottle, 5.5% ABV and lightly sparkling.

Fermented for 10 days, we then hand-bottled, pasteurize and label on-site in the Peckham meader