Lemonaid - Farmdrop Local Food Delivery


In 2008 we took the plunge, quit our jobs and started Lemonaid. Passionate about shaping the process of social change and aiding development, we are committed to ensuring a contribution is made from every bottle of our drinks sold, to our charitable organisation. Each bottle of Lemonaid and ChariTea contains only organic and Fairtrade ingredients. We pay higher prices for the raw ingredients and, in doing so, support fair, dignified farming. With the Fairtrade premium, local farmers can afford to make improvements to their own living conditions and implement community projects within their area. Although all our drinks are Fairtrade certified products, we don’t just rely on international certificates and quality seals. We want to see for ourselves exactly where the ingredients come from and the hidden stories behind them. Every year, we travel to the farming regions to get to know the local farmers and their working conditions.To date, we have raised over £1 million for social projects in their farmers' local communities.