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Mighty Fine Honeycomb

We started off selling adventurously-flavoured, handmade chocolates from a small shop in Camden Market, London. It was a resounding success, but above all our honeycomb sold quicker than we could make it. So instead, we dedicated over 1000 hours to perfecting the recipe for our honeycomb and then relaunched the finest honeycomb this side of anywhere. From it's glorious golden centre to the particular noise that it makes when cracked, our honeycomb is the bees knees. We hope that you like it as much as we do. We believe that it's the generous dollops of honey that we add at just the right time which makes our honeycomb taste amazing. This obsession with honey has grown into an obsession with all things bee related and we are very proud supporters of Friends of the Honey Bee, who work tirelessly to maintain Britain’s bee population. We donate to Friends of the Honey Bee with the sale of every pack and are passionate about getting increasingly involved in the bee community – we have dreams of keeping our own Mighty Fine hives.