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Curds & Croust

Like all the best things in life, for us, it’s all about passion.

Passion mixed with patience, knowledge and understanding the subtleties of the look and feel of the curd. And always using the best ingredients. So we only use the very best Cornish milk (sourced from within 30 miles of our dairy) – we know where it comes from and we know how to look after it. That ensures a really good curd and, in turn, a really good cheese.

We spend our days at one with the Curd – hence the name. And ‘Croust’? Ask a Cornishman – a simple tasty snack mid morning or mid afternoon often with, you’ve guessed it, the best baked bread and the finest Cornish cheese.

Let us introduce our first range of four superb cheeses; each very different but equal when it comes to quality of ingredients and the passion and craft that has led to each one.